Custom Cushions

Finest Spring/Down and high density ultra foam available on the market.

Easily replace those old tired cushions!

Ultra Foam


Custom Cushions

Chair Cushions

Do i need a chair cushion? Chair cushions are usually any cushion under 26″ in length. Perfect for anything from a small club chairs, to a large wing chair chair and anything in between.

Custom Cushions

Sofa Cushions

Do i need a sofa cushion? Sofa cushions are perfect for anyone looking for a cushion over 26″ in length. This constitutes any piece from a love seat to large sectionals.


“Does your sofa have multiple cushions under 26″ in length? Save money and buy chair cushions!”

Custom Cushions

Spring & Down Feather Cushions

The Highest Quality Cushions Available!


Choose you Ingredients!

Spring & Down Feather!


Simple Down Feather!

Whats your piece?

It may seem obvious, but identifying your piece will determine the type of cushions you need to get. Just because you have a sofa doesn’t mean you need sofa cushions! A sofa with two small cushions can use chair cushions and save you money!


The smaller the piece the thinner the cushion. DeDeciding the right thickness is all based on your piece. A large sofa for example may use up to 6″ foam. A smaller chair 3″.


This is where you get creative! We have designed our site so you can selected a cushion with  in the exact dimensions you need! Simply type them into the field and we will make the cushions for you. Its important to know this wont effect price. We have set up our pricing based on thinness to make the process easy for you.



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