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The process from the curb to the shop is only the beginning of our pieces second life. In the next stage, where you all come in, is picking out that perfect fabric. Each time a new episode of  Furniture Salvation is released we will post two polls. The first selecting a style, and the second selecting a color for that style. The winning style & color will be chosen and selected for the pieces final look!

Once crafted to perfection the piece will be listed for sale on the custom furniture page for your chance of owning one of these beautiful hand crafted masterpieces. Happy Voting!

Living Room

Vintage A.H. Davenport Sofa

Coming soon. A Vintage A.H. Davenport Sofa. All original crushed velvet. This is a repaired peice, not a full restoration. Perfect for DIYers or Antique Dealers.

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Preview Each Phase of our restoration process!


Furniture Salvation

See how we saved this piece!

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The piece as we found it on the curb. Pre-restoration.

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What fabric will we use? Help us decide!


Fabric Style & Color Voting

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Now, Lets Pick a Color!

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Fabric color 2: TBA

fabric color 3: TBA

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Color Winner: TBA

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Repair Progress Gallery

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Update #2

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