John Belushi’s sofa came to the shop! When my customer called to say she had it I tried to imagine what John’s sofa would look like. Sometimes I ask people “if you were a piece of furniture what would you be”? I get some interesting responses like “I would be a wing chair so I can fly” etc. Well Johns sofa when it came in was SO John Belushi! It is a funky art deco sofa from the roaring 1920s. The sofa was restless! It traveled by ferry at least 4 times to Marthas vineyard and more recently, tragically ablaze with fire. The legs are scratched up and the seat has stains, it definitely has seen a lot in its lifetime so far. One could imagine it sitting as a new sofa in a socialites Madison ave apartment in New York city, or as it is in the present state as a sofa in animal house. The sofa is full of contradictions and restlessness, but the biggest thing the sofa has is a “soul” like John. I feel both have a big comforting soul that says “Hi, how are yah’ have a seat.