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Join us for a truly special series of classroom tutorials taught by the master himself, Kevin Kennedy. As a 40 year veteran of the trade, Kevin wants to share his expertise to the world wide web! From expert upholsterers to first time DIYers ,our classes cover all skills and information to take you to the next level.

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What you need to know

  • Each semester consists of 6 (or more) classes, with lifetime access to that class thereafter.
  • Extensive library of classes to choose from to fit your specific DIY needs
  • Classes are in video form, no confusing online classroom programs!
  • Support from our expert instructors for all classes
  •  New Courses release 1 video per week totaling 6 (or sometimes more!) videos.
  • Each video is 1-2 hours long, giving you 12 hours of learning per course.
  • New semesters are typically released shortly after the finish of the previous one.

*Our goal is to always be adding new content and new courses, so our students always stay busy! 

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The French Settee

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*Online Classes are Non-Refundable*

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Frequently Asked Questions 

We know online upholstery classes are a new concept for many of you!

Before you contact us with a question see if it is answered here with some of the more frequently asked questions. If you think there is a question we should include on this FAQ board please let us know and we will be happy to take it under consideration.

What tools and materials do i need?

There is an extensive array tools used in upholstering! All of which can be purchased here on the site. Each class page also provides a list of recommended materials for that class. SHOP 

How long are the courses?

The course consists of Six (sometimes more) 1-2 hour online classes. Once purchased you will have access to the class forever! You can always ask Kevin questions through the contact page, or email for any class in our library. For those who have more questions, Kevin will be providing Q&A sessions on Youtube once a week.

Who are the classes designed for?

Our classes are designed for anyone intersted in the art of upholstery.  Whether your working on a DIY project, learning how to teach others or are a seasoned vet in the feild, our classes provide something for everyone!

Is it too late to sign up mid-semester?

Absolutly not! Once a semester is purchased, you will have access to all previous classes you may have missed.

Do i have to sign up for the latest, most current class?

Not if it doesnt interest you! If one of our previous classes fills your needs better than our current class than by all means select one of those! The beauty of Broadway Upholsery School is that were always adding new classes that feature new projects. So you have a wide array of projects to choose from. If Michelle’s East Lake chair fills your needs more than Jimmys Ottoman, we wont be mad at you…although Jimmy might be somewhat dissapointed…

How are the courses presented?

Our courses are presented in video form. Each week you will be given access to an hour+ long video that shows the latest steps in our project that we are working on. No confusing online classroom setups.

Contact us for questions