MANY years ago my mentor who had been upholstering for many years, finished a handsome wing chair and gave me the task of delivering it on a hot summer day. Mrs. Jones was very happy and paid for the job. The next week however things took a very bizarre turn when I answered the phone and a distraught Mrs. Jones insisted that strange nonsensical words had appeared all over her chair! I scheduled an appointment and went to see.

    I have to admit I was very skeptical when I approached the door and went into look at the chair, my skepticism soon turned to fear when I saw the chair!  Very disturbing, in different parts of the chair I saw words like KCABEDISTOU AND KCABEDISIN AND SENOJ ETC. ALL IN BLACK OMINOUS LETTERS, I dismissed myself and was frightened not knowing what strange phenomenon was happening, 

  My mentor was waiting for me to find out what the crazy lady was complaining about . As he was marking fabric out on another job I begin to explain what I had seen, the shop full of men had a great laugh over my experience. UNTIL I asked my mentor how long he had been using a magic marker to identify the different sections of chair from the backside of the fabric, He replied “Just last week and its great it doesn’t wear off like the chaulk “Yah but I replied it permeates thru fabric to make backwards lettering !! then he was the laughing stock! when I explained that OUTSIDEBACK, INSIDEBACK AND THE CLIENTS NAME JONES ARE PROUDLY DISPLAYED ON HER CHAIR….. BACKWARDS