Early in my career I was given 6 upholstered seat dining room chairs that where very difficult. Make matters worse a fine white linen was chosen, as bad luck would have it the shop was introduced to a great new batting called “bonded Dacron” at the same time, Which I quickly realized would work great over the horsehair and used for the chairs.I delivered them and the client was very happy. Months passed and one Monday morning I got a chilling call from the client “My chairs are growing hair”? I laughed but she was not happy saying “If I wanted a chiapet It would have been cheaper!! Realizing she was upset I raced over to her house. Horrible sight when I entered the dining room to see my white chairs in what only can be described as reaching puberty. HAIRS everywhere long short stubby and terrifying! I took a deep breath and realized something about bonded Dacron that it was porous. and as she sat on the chairs the horsehair worked itself through one hormonal hair at a time!! LESSON LEARNED always use cotton over horse hair!!