My reverend friend had me upholster 4 throne chairs . She lamented that she didn’t have 6 to fill out her Dining table. She asked if I had ever seen any like them, I said no and the chances she would find two alike were very long odds. She said I will pray. The ever faithful Reverend had another impossible prayer, a mission house in a very expensive suburb of Boston. She prayed over 40 years never losing hope for the house. Years later she called very excited and proclaimed I found the other 2 ! I scheduled a time and went to see them not only were they a match but I determined that they were the actual 2 chairs to the set !   My good friend lived to be in her 90’s and a few years before she passed she realized her other dream coming true, The mission house !


Kevin Kennedy – Master Upholsterer/Instructor


The first dollar earned here at Upholstery on Broadway. A gift from the reverend.