What we’ve been up to for the last few months.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our online classes! As you know , a lot has changed since we finished filming our last semester. We’ve taken advantage of this time off by completely revamping our store front for Upholstery on Broadway, and getting it ready and safe for our customers to return when the time comes. As for Broadway Upholstery School , not much will be changing! Due to being completely virtual, we can still offer many exciting online classes. We’re sitting on a stockpile of classes filmed before the pandemic hit which we will be releasing as soon as the time is right. We know many folks out there don’t have extra money to spend, so we want to make sure we give you guys enough time to recover. As for students who already bought our yearly membership , we will be honoring that, so you will still receive the same amount of time until they expire. This won’t start until our next class is posted so don’t worry you haven’t missed any content. As for what will be coming up, new classes from both Jimmy and Michelle, Bernices first slip cover class and an exciting class filmed with 8 people & 8 projects at LEXART in Lexington MA. Also for anyone who purchased Jimmy’s Arts & Crafts Chair class , Class 11 will hopefully be posted soon, due to whats been going on we haven’t been able to complete the editing so we hope to have the done as soon as we are able.  So lots of content coming up as soon as we can start the recovery process!

P.S. Be on the look our for our Broadway Upholstery School Supply and Kit line! Something very exiting that we started working on before the pandemic that we cant wait to share with you all.

We hope we can begin our restart by late June as soon as things at the storefront are up and running. WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED! As usual continue to tune in to our live YouTube show every week for fun projects and updates!

Thanks so much and stay safe!! ~ Broadway Upholstery School Team